Why do we charge 5%?

The reason we only charge a 5% fee is simple; we want to make recruitment affordable.There are so many companies out there that just can’t justify the cost of recruiters helping them find the best talent to join their business.

The service we provide at Recruitment365 is high-class and the CV’s we send to our clients are always carefully selected for the job. Just because we have a 5% fee, it doesn’t mean that the delivery of our service lacks quality.


We want you to know that our ethics will meet yours. It’s at the forefront of our company to provide an honest service.


We aim to work closely alongside your business to maintain a smooth and easy process so we can all work together.


We are an experienced team with a combination of 15 years experience, who provide a bespoke service to suit you needs.

Job Spotlight

  • " I highly recommend Holly at Recruitment365, a very professional service and we managed to find a candidate very quickly" Jason, CEO

  • "I would recommend Holly at Recruitment 365, nothing short of outstanding! She has really restored my faith contrary to all of the negative and demotivating comments I hear all the time. I for one have had a first class candidate experience. Thank you Holly." Victoria, Business Development Manager

  • "Recruitment365 was a huge help in finding a Sales Coach for our business. Their service was very professional and they provided us with an excellent quality of candidates. I would highly recommend." Richard, Managing Director

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We specialise in sales roles across a range of industries.


We specialise in marketing roles across a range of industries.

Client Services

We specialise in client services roles across a range of industries.