Make your interview a success!

When companies are going through the recruitment process, interviews are inevitably an important part of finding and recruiting the best possible employee. Often, there can be a number of interviews – so it’s important you stand out from the rest to give yourself a better chance of securing the role. We have put together 7 tips to help you take all the necessary steps to having a great interview and securing the job!


  1. Arrive early


First impressions are crucial, and good time management is a key skill for all jobs. According to professionals, arriving 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time is best, not only does it give a great impression, but it gives you some time to think and relax before the interview. If you are unsure about the location, we always advise to visit beforehand to work out your route. This way, you will be less likely to encounter problems finding your way there subsequently making you feel less stressed!


  1. Be Prepared


Being prepared for your interview will help you to feel more confident and will improve your overall experience. Research the market and company before the interview so that you can impress the interviewer with your knowledge. It is also a good idea to think about your potential answers for common interview questions such as ‘Why do you want to work for this company?’ and ‘What you could bring to that particular company as an employee?’. Be sure to plan some of your own questions to ask your interviewer regarding the company and the role, this will show you have a genuine interest in the role, and if you really can’t think of any questions – just be honest! The interviewers will appreciate this more than asking an irrelevant question.


  1. Dress for success


Dressing appropriately for the role you are applying for is an opportunity to help give an overall impression of professionalism and will show your interviewer that you have put the effort in to prove that securing this job is important to you. However, it may not always be an interview where a suit is best – sometimes smart/casual is better for the role. You can often predict what dress code will be best depending on the role and the company, but if you really aren’t sure – ask the employers or your recruiter what the dress code is and you can’t go wrong!


  1. Be yourself


It is crucial to be yourself and genuine, so that your interviewer can really get to know you, and so that you can get to know them. You are much more likely to get the job if you come across as genuine and honest. You want to come across in the best light possible, so acting completely different to yourself isn’t always the best idea – it doesn’t give anyone a real insight into who you are.


  1. Stay positive and confident


Staying positive and confident throughout the interview will improve your chances of getting the role. If you are genuinely excited about the role and the opportunities that it could bring you, your interviewer will be impressed. Most good companies in the recruitment process are looking for employees who are excited to work for them and are passionate about their roles, as they are more likely to be efficient and fit in with their team. If you really do love the role, it will naturally show and come across in your demeanour.


  1. Consider your career goals and establish your reasons for wanting the job


It is extremely helpful if the job you are applying for is in line with your career goals. Establish to your interviewer why you want this job and why you’re so passionate about the role. You may be asked questions on your career goals as well, so ensure you have an answer prepared for this. If the job isn’t in line with your previous experience, then you may have a work a bit harder! The employers want to see your enthusiasm for the job – and you need to clearly explain your reasoning for wanting a role which is slightly different to your previous experience. A great tip for this is picking out key skills that you can transfer to the role.


  1. End on a positive note


It is polite to thank your interviewer at the end of your interview to keep things on a positive note. This will help to leave a great impression and make your interview more memorable.