Progressing a career in the Construction Industry

Are you looking to begin a career in the construction industry? We’ve put together some helpful advice that you can use to start your career!


Choose the best area for you

The construction industry has a great deal of variety when it comes to job roles. If you are looking to progress a career within the industry, it is important to find the area of construction that will best suit your abilities, skills and personality. You may be looking for something more design focused, such as a structural engineering, or maybe something more hands on, such as a site engineering. Once you have made the important decision of what area of construction will be right for you, you can start putting in the work to reach your career goals.



Make sure you have the correct qualifications. This may be an apprenticeship qualification, a college course, or a degree such as construction management – it all depends on the area of construction that you are most interested in. There are also E-Learning online courses available which can help you to improve your knowledge in the area.

In the construction industry you should always strive continue learning as much as possible. New technology, equipment and materials mean that the industry is always changing. In order to stay at the top of your game, it is important to stay up to date. This will give you the edge over other candidates in the industry.


Make Yourself Accessible

Construction recruitment companies often search LinkedIn to find candidates for job roles in the construction industry. Once you have built up your skills and experience and you’re looking to progress your career onto the next stage, it is a good idea to create a LinkedIn profile. This almost acts as an online CV and will give you the opportunity to be head hunted by construction recruitment companies, who may look at your skills and qualifications, and let you know about any job roles that are available in the industry.


Hard work and Attitude

In the construction industry it is important that work is carried out to a high standard, so hard work and a great attitude towards the role that you have chosen never goes unnoticed! Making sure you always carry out your work to a high standard means that your company and clients will always be satisfied. This will benefit you and give you a better opportunity into progressing your career within the industry!