8 Top Tips for Improving Your CV

Applying for jobs isn’t easy – it takes time and effort and if your CV isn’t up to scratch, then you will find it even tougher to get recognised by potential employers or recruiters. There are a number of candidates all applying for the same job – does your CV stand out and look professional? The only thing an employer has to go by when they receive an application is your CV – so you must ensure it’s enough to capture attention by looking smart and up-to-date.

Our top tips will help you to improve your CV so that you can take one step closer to securing an interview and the job of your dreams!


  • Keep it concise

It is a good idea for your CV to be a maximum of two pages. Cut out irrelevant details so that the most important information stands out and gets across to the reader quickly to keep them interested.


  • Explain why your previous jobs will help you with the role you’re applying for

When listing your previous job roles make sure you note the skills that you have learnt, your responsibilities, your successes, any targets you have met and key achievements. These points will be crucial in enabling your potential employer to get a better idea of what you are capable of and why you will be such a great candidate for the job you are applying for.


  • Open with a short introduction about yourself

Keep the introduction concise and write a short, confident and positive explanation about yourself and what makes you the perfect candidate for the role. Include impressive information that will instantly grab the employers, or recruiters’ attention and make them want to continue reading.


  • Keep the format clear and easy to read

The layout of your CV is important. Make sure your CV has a clear structure, a suitable font that is easy to read, formal and the correct size. The layout of your CV will largely contribute to the reader’s first impression of your CV. If it looks messy and rushed it will give a bad impression straight away! There are some great templates available online that can help you with the format of your CV.

  • Include your qualifications and certificates

It is essential to list all your qualifications and certificates in a clear and structured order. This will improve the overall format of your CV and will allow the reader to quickly see that you have the necessary qualifications for the role.


  • Use your interests and volunteer work to help demonstrate your abilities

You can use your personal interests/volunteer work to demonstrate any extra skills that you may have. For example, if you have done some charity work, what skills did you learn and how are these skills relevant to the role that you are applying for?


  • Tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for

Tailoring your CV to each specific job role will help you to prove that you are the ideal candidate. Be sure to emphasise the most important skills, interests, qualifications, courses and certificates that you believe will make you relevant for that exact role.


  • Proof read

It is crucial that there aren’t any spelling mistakes or incorrect information on your CV! Once you have proof read your CV, it is a good idea to ask someone else to also proof read, just to make sure. A mistake on your CV could cost you the role!

If you’re looking for further advice on your CV, speak to one of our team today as we would like to help and advise